Queen-Uriel's Art & Tube Store

How to by

This page contains buttons of "Add to Cart" linked to my PayPal. Click on them to build up your cart. Whenever you make a purchase, you must leave any important additional info, and if it's the first time you're buying from me at the comments area. If no aditional e-mail is sent, I will send the arts over the one registered on the PayPal note. With this info, I will e-mail you a ZIP containing the PNGs of the arts and your ID number.

First time buyers will need that ID number to use on the tags. So, I'll keep track of who is using which tube. I will keep diligent track of who orders what. When you make a second purchase, *inform* your ID number on the comment area.

Every ZIP will contain a Transparent PNG and the Terms of Use contract, you'll be able to consult it whenever you need.

I'm gonna check my e-mail *every night* to keep up with new purchases, but please give me a 48 hour deadline to mail your ZIP. I personally separate and ZIP and write all the e-mails, that is why you will not get your order right away, depends on the time I check my e-mail that day. You are free to leave any extra messages to me at queenuriel@gmail.com. I will be happy to help you!

Purchased Arts have a slight different Term of Use from the Free Pack of Tubes I still have available. You can find the terms of use of the Free and PTU arts on their pages on the menu above.

Every image will have a medium size of 400 to 500 pixels wide. More than enough to make a sizable tag

My Arts do not belong to the Public Domain, and must not be used and altered without my permission. Any re-distribution of the itens on this page is forbidden. Carolina Seabra / 2009-2016