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Welcome to my Art and Tube store! Here you can find fantasy and Fairy arts for Paint Shop Pro, for sale and by commission. IŽm Carolina Seabra, aka Queen Uriel, and I hope you enjoy the arts and fing something to inspire lovely and magical tags!

Hello Everyone!
How have you been, dear friends!
On this long overdue update, I finally bring my Fairy Coloring pages!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
The pages are size A4 (International paper), Highest JPG Quality, to let you print even 50% Bigger than the original file

Coloring Pages

You can find a new gallery on the list specially for them, and also a gift!

You can DOWNLOAD  a free page!
Just go to the gallery and click on the last page, "Cat and Fairy" and youŽll get the full resolution Page!
Just to get you started, that is! *giggles*

Thanks for everyone that stops by!
Hugs from Brazil,

Post: 7/20/2016

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